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Director’s Message


Greetings from the President of the Athletic Association


The environment surrounding university sports has evolved dramatically over the past several years. I am sure many of you have actually experienced this significant change yourself. Recently, integrity in sports has been emphasized in particular, and the Keio University Athletic Association is making efforts to put this into practice. I personally believe that we at the Athletic Association have long emphasized the importance of integrity.

While cherishing the traditions of the Athletic Association that have been cultivated over the years, I believe that it is our duty to seek out and implement initiatives that are uniquely Keio and compatible with the modern era.


The activities conducted by the Athletic Association are an integral component of higher education at our university. While it is only natural to be concerned about winning and losing when engaging in sports, that is not the sole purpose of the Athletic Association. Keio University prides itself as an institution that nurtures future leaders who will serve as a "source of honorable character and a paragon of intellect and morals for the entire nation." I believe that this should be the goal of the Athletic Association as well. Therefore, the role of the 43 clubs of the Athletic Association is to put this objective into practice through its sporting initiatives. As the person in charge of coordinating the 43 clubs, I will continue to emphasize the importance of cooperation among the clubs and endeavor to implement inter-club activities.


The activities at Keio University, including those of the Athletic Association, are based on the cooperation of many Keio alumni. We are especially grateful to the members of the Mita Athletic Association for their dedication and cooperation in providing guidance to our students. Without the school philosophy of Shachu Kyoryoku, the spirit of cooperation among the university community, it would be impossible to implement the activities of the Athletic Association. As an individual who loves Keio University and the Athletic Association, it is my wish to contribute to the future development of the Athletic Association.



Professor Komotori, upon appointment to President of the Athletic Association