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Director’s Message

YAMAMOTO NobutoSince its foundation in 1892, the Keio University Athletic Association has been a leader in collegiate sports in Japan. Not only does the association facilitate the physical fitness, health, and well-being of students, it also helps them develop into individuals who show independence and self-respect.

The Athletic Association follows the philosophy of FUKUZAWA Yukichi, the founder of Keio University. Among others, Fukuzawa left a well-known slogan: “National independence is achieved through independent individuals”. This ideal emphasizes the importance of establishing independent individuals with self-esteem who stand by their convictions regardless of their position in society. This is precisely the spirit that the Athletic Association must exemplify as it is through Athletic Association clubs that individuals are able to develop as human beings. Keio also promotes the mottos of “Learn while teaching, teach while learning”, and “Collaboration within the company (Keio community)”. The Athletic Association encourages these principles through college sports by working with students and alumni associations.

The fundamental philosophy of the Athletic Association is “Accomplishment in the ways of both the pen and the sword”. This ideal was advocated by KOIZUMI Shinzo, Keio’s president in the middle of the 20th century. Members of the Athletic Association are expected to focus on their academic studies, their main duty as students, as well as take part in sports, martial arts, and the management of club activities. To fulfill these expectations, student athletes must discipline and train themselves daily. They are the Keio students who will lead the way as role models for their peers.

As its time-honored 125 years of history demonstrates, Keio University’s Athletic Association has achieved remarkable success in promoting and developing both college and national sports. It will keep standing strong and continue to be a leader in college sports in Japan.